Monday Mornings

Bikes by Cowes Harbour, Isle of Wight

I have only four more of these Monday mornings headed Up Mainland, before these plans kick in full time. I’m trying to enjoy the early starts, the extra coffees, and motorway mayhem, knowing that in less than four weeks I’ll be having none of it.

So, for now, my mornings go something like this.

6am wake-up: with Radio 4 and the gentle negotiation over who will have first shower and consequently forfeit the default lie-in. I’m usually up first. Strangely, Tom doesn’t spend so long with the hair dryer.

Coffee in the grinder, kettle on, and a general fret over what to wear, specifically whether I can get away with spending the day in trainers.

Walking down to the Red Jet

6.30am breakfast: better be happening about now if I’m to catch the ferry. After granola/toast/yoghurt/all of the above I faff around in a haphazard fashion until the radio pips push me out the door.

7am walk down the hill. The way the morning light grows every day feels like the most optimistic thing. Gravity is with me on this easy stride down to the sea. No more dark, windy, rainy mornings. Now it’s just the long downhill to summer.

View from the seats inside Red Jet ferry

7.15am boat ride: across the Solent. At it’s best a peaceful, spacious glide across sunlit seas. It’s not always at its best.

7.45am skate: across Southampton to my parked car. Addictive fun. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this two years ago.

Rusty's foot and penny board

8am battle through Southampton traffic: to wherever I’m headed first. Today, it’s a visit to a nursery to see how they support children’s talking through play. I hope your Monday morning is a good one.

M3 road from a car

4 thoughts on “Monday Mornings

  1. lovely post, thanks for sharing your morning, and so exciting that your new venture is coming together!

  2. Karen on said:

    Loved your words ‘downhill to summer’. Hope you enjoy the next few weeks with excitement growing for your new adventure.

  3. Wishing you all the best as you countdown to “going solo” and also for when you take the plunge! My best friend back in the UK is also a SLT, so I always enjoy catching glimpses of your work. And I’ve been going it alone for the past two years and wouldn’t change it for the world!