Just Keep Walking

Bryony on a cliff's edge

Sheep at St Catherine's Point Isle of Wight

Happy new year to you! It’s been welcomed in with plenty of rain, but I’m hopeful for some more cold bright days before too long. Nothing beats a windy walk up a hill, sharing the view with nothing a few disinterested sheep.

Climbing trees by Hoy Monument Isle of Wight

Tom hopping a gate

And when there’s no one else about, the trees and gates are free for climbing and hopping.

Ruby Ivy

It’s going to be a busy year, but if I can just get out and jump around in the fresh air, I know I’ll keep my head.

7 thoughts on “Just Keep Walking

  1. RetreatingAndAdvancing on said:

    These photos are breathtaking! I wish you a wonderful new year, I’m already looking forward to reading all of your new posts :)

  2. We had a few windy and very wet walks over the holiday – the Boxing Day one up on Culver Down being the most memorable – fine on the way up but horizontal needle like rain, howling wind and unbelievable mud on the way back. I was wet through to my smalls!! :0)