Almost there..

Rusty running to the top of Appuldurcombe Down, Isle of Wight

I’ve finally almost made it through this term. Just one more week of dashing around the county, hauling training materials and delivering endless workshops. It’s been a bit like the Rusty Roadshow these last few months. I enjoy training, but have recently done so much I feel like I’m auditioning for Groundhog Day 2. No wonder I’ve been trying to take a chilled approach to the festive buildup.

Things should start winding down this week, albeit with a bittersweet tang. On Friday I say goodbye to three members of the team, who I’ll sorely miss. We’ll meet over coffee and mince pies, with an eye to the holidays and the fun to be had.

I’m looking forward to mornings under the duvet with a book, restocking the wood pile, seeing the family, and sampling plenty of homebaked goodies. Just one more week to get through first. I hope your week treats you well.

Gingerbread decoration hanging from tree

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