The Post-Christmas Blur

Christmas photo collage

It’s been a week of windy walks, general lazing, and lots and lots of tea. Tom and I have spent time with our families, played the annual quota of board games and quizzes, and got very muddy boots several times over. We’ve had long lie-ins, read books, and completely finished off every last christmas candy, no matter the flavour.

Tomorrow is the new year, time for new plans etc. But until then, I plan to finish this old one in my favourite winter haze: lazing by the fire with a book and some bubbly, only stirring to truffle for candy.

Playing Christmas Catch-Up

Looking up at gold christmas bauble in tree
Hidden bauble on Chawton Lane

So apparently it is already mid-December, which has completely taken me by surprise. Advent has been a slow-burner this year, but I’m relishing each day all the more since I’ve realised the holidays are just around the corner! Last weekend was filled with good winter things: carol singing, Mum’s home baking, and a walk to find a tree. We didn’t get the tree; can you believe two places were sold out? So the tree will happen Thursday. And the wait is only adding to my general festive glee. Must go now, the mince pies are calling.

Conductor and sopranos singing

End of the Holidays

It’s been a whirlwind winter break, filled with city trips, family visits, baking and overeating, and relaxed times at home.  It’s back to work tomorrow, but not without a little moment to pause and appreciate how much fun Tom and I had this holiday.

Thanks to Alec’s hospitality, we were city-folk for a few days, with gigs, art, and lectures in London.  Robin Ince hosted a fabulous night of comedy, music, science and maths, thrilling my inner-geek.  We did lots of wandering and were surprised by how quiet London was, once away from the shops.

Tom and I spent Christmas home alone- our first in eleven years and much appreciated.  We revelled in Christmas Eve preparations and the relaxed pace of a Christmas Day For Two.  With stuffed stockings, and stuffed tummies after an enormous brunch, we had a winter wander before heading back home for presents and an incredibly delicious Christmas Dinner, with all the trimmings (thank you Chef Tom!)  Considering that we bought a turkey for 6-8 people, I’m surprised by the lack of leftovers we had..

With so much delicious food, fun times, and good company, this has certainly been a Christmas to remember.  Now the new year is upon us, I’m looking forward to new projects, more exploring, and plenty of good food with good friends.

Happy New Year!